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Dr Mark Poulson

I have been a consultant in Emergency Medicine (or A&E as it used to be known) for more than 15 years. I now share my time between clinical practice and working as one of UHNM Deputy Medical Directors. This portfolio career has allowed me to maintain my time in Emergency Medicine whilst giving me an opportunity to be involved in the wider hospital. I have been a trauma team leader looking after major trauma patients throughout my career. It is a fascinating part of the job looking after some of the sickest patients following injury and major trauma. It is a mix of adrenaline and cold thinking and makes a rewarding challenge.

I went into this line of work because I loved A&E, as every patient is different with a pressure to get patients seen as efficiently as possible and I didn’t have to do ward rounds that took for ever. I love the nurses that I work with – they are confident, have really high expectations of themselves and the staff they work with, and want to care patients who are often at their most vulnerable.

My favourite things about my job is that I love the people that I work with but my least favourite thing is how the NHS is being systematically undervalued.

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