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Meet the team on County's Elective Orthopaedic Ward

To celebrate County Hospital’s 40th anniversary, all this week we’re meeting some of its amazing staff.

Today it’s the turn of Ward Manager Janice Wood and her team on County’s Elective Orthopaedic Unit (EOU).

Janice told us: “EOU look after patients pre and post operatively who are undergoing joint replacement and day case surgery on feet, ankles, hips and knees from Staffordshire and surrounding areas. We have also have patients from Wales, who were treated as major traumas at Royal Stoke and require follow-up surgery.”

“Everybody has a positive attitude towards our patients, this is recovery medication rather than pain relief, so its how we instil that message into our patients and give them the confidence they’ll be OK.”

“I’ve just received feedback from a patient, and there’s not one member of the team she wasn’t thanking, from the physios to the ladies who served tea and toast when she came back from theatre, it was literally every member of staff who had been involved in her care.”

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody on EOU for all their hard work as its been a difficult time with the pandemic. But everybody has worked amazingly well as a team to bring what we’re doing now back together and put the effort in for the patients.  We have an amazing team here, not only on the ward but other areas too across County like Pre-ams, Theatres and Therapies.”

Renji Raju, Deputy Sister added: “It’s an amazing team and a nice environment to work in. We continue to develop together as a service. Everybody helps each other, gets along and has a bit of camaraderie. When something needs doing we pull together and get it done.”

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