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Investments and innovations at County’s Endoscopy Unit

This week we're shining the spotlight on the innovations and investments made at County Hospital.

This is non more the case than on County's Endoscopy Unit.

Shirley Wallace, Endoscopy Unit Manager explains: “Our main aim is to ensure that patients who are coming for an invasive procedure are prepared mentally and physically and are supported by staff who are trained, competent, friendly and can ensure the service that we give is of a high standard. We try to make their journey as painless as possible and pleasant as it can be despite what we’re doing.”

“Our patient comments are really good, when we share that with staff it makes us proud to work here.”

“It’s a team environment, a family of colleagues who work together to support each other. My team are one in a million and I’m lucky to have them. I appreciate every single one no matter what job they do. My mantra is, you can’t have a necklace without all the links in the chain, and if one of those links are missing you don’t have that necklace. We work together knowing we’ve got each other’s back; we always look out for each other. They’re the best team I’ve had- we’ve grown together. When I’ve asked for help from the senior team or matrons here, they’re always happy to help, nothing is too much.”

Mr Arun Karup, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Clinical Lead for service said: “I joined in 2016 and we have made a lot of progress at County. When I started we were doing just basic diagnostic work, but we’ve made progress by doing a lot more advanced therapeutic work, work that was previously done at Royal Stoke because it was established but now doing same complex work here at County including removals of polyps and early cancer, esopogus and stomach. If you look at the feedback from patients they’re all extremely pleased with the care that they received, right from the walking through the door and a very friendly, calm, comforting environment.”

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