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“I’m County through and through”: Ward Manager speaks of her links to County Hospital

County Hospital is more than just a workplace for Sam Eaton.

Not only was she born there, but so were her two sons. Not only has she worked there since 2008, but so has her mum for the past 16 years.

We spoke to Sam, who manages Ward 1, about what makes the hospital so special to her.

“I was born prematurely at County in 1985 and was in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) for at least a month.”

“I always wanted to be a nurse, it’s my vocation to be a nurse in some form. I joined UHNM as it was in 2008 as a Staff Nurse and have risen through the ranks, having been a Ward Manager for the last five years. In this role I’m not only responsible for the care of my patients but also my staff, managing their sickness, training and rotas.”

“I’m County through-and-through- if I was a stick of rock I’d say UHNM in the middle. Even my two sons, Matthew, 12, and Joseph, nine, were born here. I was working as a staff nurse in Theatres at the time and so knew all the delivery staff and consultants.”

“My Mum, Annetta, works on Ward 14 as a Healthcare Assistant and has been here 16 years now and never wants to leave. She went into care after I started nursing for a career change and loves it.”

“The best part of my job is seeing the smile on patient’s faces when they’re feeling better and also getting to know them and their families.”

“County is like a family, we all know each other. I know my colleagues on Ward 12 and what strengths I can pull if I need to. If I need somebody that can speak a different language, I know somebody on another floor. We all greet each other with a smile, and we always have, we’re a proper little family.”

“County for me is home, and I would love to stay here and progress my career.”

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