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County Emergency Department refurbished as part of £4.9 million investment

Since the merger to create University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust in 2014, almost £5 million has been spent on improving the facilities in A&E at County Hospital and part of Outpatients.

Here we speak to staff from A&E about what its like to work there. 

Gabby Knott, Sister: “We’re a family, when you come to work you feel like you’re with your family. We all support each other and have a support network. This applies to not only to clinical staff but housekeepers, receptionists and porters. everybody knows everybody and gets on with the job proving best possible care for our patients."

"Earlier this week we received a present from a former patient- the support we have from the local community is amazing. It’s such a close-knit team and the working environment is welcoming, its friendly, you want to work here.”

Jo Gee, Senior Sister: “Everybody knows everybody, it doesn’t matter if you’re a porter, work in Imaging or Outpatients, we all work to get the best outcome for the patients at County."
"At County anything can come through the door and we turn our hand to anything. Everybody works as a team. We have people turning who were born in this hospital and see it as part of a family too and go where they know.”
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