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#InternationalMidwifesDay - A special thank you

A mother has thanked her midwives for the difference they made to her family. Amy Pavitt gave birth to daughter Rosie earlier this year. She wrote to express her appreciation for the support and care of midwives Chloe Bagnall, Rachel Cox and Tracey Sutton.
Amy said: “Chloe Bagnall took over our pre-natal care at around 24 weeks and I always found myself looking forward to my appointments. She was always kind, caring and made me feel completely looked after throughout my pregnancy. Chloe would remember little facts about my pregnancy, including that Rosie would hide from the doppler! Even towards the end of our journey, Chloe made a point of ensuring I could speak to consultants regarding my birth plan and my concerns, if anything to ease my mind. I was so excited that, by chance, we were able to see her one last time after Rosie arrived so she could meet her. Chloe is phenomenal, and if we ever decide to have another child, we would certainly hope to see Chloe's name pop up on our care plan.
“My little Rosie was delivered by emergency c-section and Rachel was the primary midwife on the night shift who worked with us. Tracey was a trainee midwife working with her. We were fortunate enough to be escorted to the delivery suite by these two, and then have them participate in the delivery the following night shift. These two ladies were incredible. Rachel's humour and direct nature made us feel completely at ease with everything that was going on, even when things took a turn for the more complex. When Tracey fully qualifies, she will be an incredible midwife, she already is! She was so kind and endearing throughout the entire process and I never would have guessed she was a trainee.
“Both Tracey and Rachel came to see me the day after in the ward as well. These ladies helped to make sure my little girl arrived in this world as safely as she possibly could. I have nothing but thanks for these ladies.
“What blows my mind is that I only had to do this once. They have to experience this, go home, go to sleep, and then return to do the same again. The emotional resilience it must take to do this is astronomical and these ladies do it while making it look effortless.
“My little family is forever in your debt. Rosie is a cheeky, happy and bubbly young lady who has surpassed all her milestones so far.”