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Cancer doctor honoured for holistic care

Dr Apurna Jegannathen outside the Houses of Parliament

Cancer specialist Apurna Jegannathen was honoured at the Houses of Parliament recently for her work bringing music therapy to patients. Apurna is a firm believer in the benefits of holistic care and likes to shares her music to encourage wellbeing.

Apurna was given the ‘SHE INSPIRES AWARD 2022 for Bright Artist (Art, Music, Drama, Media, Creative, age 40+)’ after being nominated by patients for her outstanding care.

In her spare time Apurna plays the veena, an ancient Indian musical instrument.

58-year-old Elaine Bowen, of Blythe Bridge, said: “I believe that you can help yourself as a patient with mindfulness, music therapy, yoga, nutrition and education and I know that Apurna believes this too.

"I’ve always been interested in music myself. I have discovered from being a patient of Apurna’s for over nine years that she plays the veena and I really enjoy listening to this music.

“Dr Jegannathen is patient, kind and consistently caring in her approach to myself and other patients.”

The IIW judging process took place over a six-month period, where nominees were marked against set criteria.

Apurna, based at Royal Stoke University Hospital, said: “I am truly humbled to receive this award and to be among such amazing women as police, teachers and other parts of the NHS. It was a fantastic platform to recognise and appreciate some of the incredible things people do and to hear amazing stories about how people have come through their own challenges personally and professionally.

“I owe this award to the patients who nominated me. They showed me so much kindness and have given this award as their gesture of thanks and recognition for the holistic approach I gave them to help cope up with cancer treatment and survivorship.

“It was such an honour to have been nominated by a patient who has benefited from the approach we take by looking at the whole person. Life doesn’t start with books and rules and we pride our clinical service on being positive, passionate and enthusiastic.”