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UHNM in top 20 UK hospitals for organ donation

More than 80 lives have been saved or improved thanks to patients who donated their organs at University Hospitals of North Midlands in 2021.

Thirty patients donated their organs following their death, giving 85 people the chance of an improved life.

NHS Blood and Transplant have released figures to mark the publication of the annual Organ Donation and Transplantation Activity Report which reveals that UHNM was one of the top 20 donor hospitals in the UK last year.

The annual report shows deceased organ donation in the UK increased by 18 per cent last year thanks to the continuing recovery of organ donation and transplant activity following the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.1,397 people in total donated their organs after death last year.

Despite this, the number of people being listed for a transplant has increased, due to most being suspended during the height of the pandemic and, subsequently, others needing a transplant being added to the list. There are currently 6,393 people on the active waiting list and a further 3,990 temporarily suspended.

Dr Matthew Lewis, Medical Director at UHNM, said: “Transplants can transform lives and I am proud that we have continued to contribute to this valuable work through Covid-19. In 2021/22, UHNM facilitated 30 organ donors, resulting in 85 patients receiving a transplant. I would like to recognise our patients and their families who have donated so generously and thank all our Clinical Leads and Specialist Nurses in the organ donation service at UHNM for supporting them at this often difficult time.

“Please register your organ donation decision and tell your family. Letting your family know what you want to happen when you die will make it much easier if there comes a time when organ donation is a possibility.”

Anthony Clarkson, Director of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Organ donation and transplantation is a fundamental part of the NHS work to save lives. This is shown by the increase in the number of patients this year receiving transplants and the number of those who are continually registering their decision to be an organ donor. 

“We still need families to support their loved one’s decision and agree to donation when approached if they know that’s what they wanted.

“We need to work to improve consent/authorisation rates by encouraging people to register their decision and discuss it with their families as organ donation really does save lives.”

Find out more and register your decision by visiting NHS Organ Donor Register at and share your decision with your family.