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UHNM junior doctors ranked as 'best prepared in the UK'


UHNM has been thanked by education partners Keele University after the cohort of medical students who started work as Foundation Year 1 doctors in August were ranked as the best prepared in the UK, according to GMC data on FY1 preparedness.

Keele was placed first after scoring the highest in the three areas questioned about being adequately prepared for first foundation post; having adequate skills in clinical practical procedures and prescribing as well as in the early management of an acutely ill patient.

Professor Peter Coventry, Deputy Head of School and Lead for Undergraduate Medicine at Keele University said: “This is an extraordinary result and comes down to the work of everyone who has taught and supported these students over the five years of their undergraduate course. In particular, the support given to these students through their training, especially during the pandemic when services have been extremely stretched and stressed with delivering clinical services, has played a major part in this success .

He added: “I would like to thank everyone for all the work you have done which will have had a direct impact on these results, and on the care these well-prepared doctors will be delivering to their patients. I have always been impressed by how everyone in the Trust supports medical students and the way this has been done during the pandemic has been extraordinary.”

Dr Matthew Lewis, UHNM Medical Director said: “We obviously are delighted for our colleagues and partners at Keele University. The results show the benefits of the excellent working relationship we have with Keele for all our students. I congratulate them and thank our own staff for for the support and teaching they provide.”