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Staff nurse steps up to enhance fracture clinic care

A staff nurse has been thanked for helping to enhance the quality of care in the fracture clinic. Abigail Benentt stepped up to help and has excelled in her new role. The fracture clinic team have also recently achieved a ‘gold’ CEF (Care Excellence Framework) award. CEF awards are an internal measure of care quality and progress.

Sandra Reeves-Thomas, a senior nurse in the fracture clinic, said: “Abigail has grown  and developed exceptionally well and has taken on duties which were not expected of her. Everyone on the team feels she’s done a brilliant job.”

Abigail has been given a Chief Executive’s Award in recognition of her dedication.

Tracy Bullock, chief executive, said: “Abigail is a shining example of the kind of workforce we want at UHNM and obviously lives our Trust values.”

Abigail said: “We are a great team here and everyone is so supportive. I’m shocked and very grateful to get this award but I would like to thank my colleagues as well because without them we wouldn’t be where we are.”

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