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Radiographer thanked for helping to save patient's life

A patient’s life was saved recently, thanks to the expertise and fast action of one of UHNM’s radiographers. Sophie Vaux, CT advanced practice radiographer in radiology, quickly identified a life-threatening abnormality during a scan and promptly made arrangements for the patient to be seen in A&E for an urgent clinical review. 

Dr Biju Thomas, consultant radiologist, said: “I really thank and congratulate Sophie for picking up on the abnormal findings on this scan and for referring the patient immediately to A&E for further assessment. The patient was admitted to the trust’s coronary care unit and was given the appropriate care.”

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive at UHNM has awarded Sophie with the Chief Executive’s Award.

Tracy Bullock said: “It’s a pleasure to award Sophie with this achievement, as her actions made a huge difference to that patient and in turn saving their life. Thank you Sophie for going the extra mile, you are an asset to the Radiography team.”

Dr Faisal Ashraf, Dr Vaanathi Paulvannan and Dr Usman Imrani also played a key role, providing timely lifesaving cardiac intervention and helping to ensure the safe transfer of the patient to the emergency department along with the resuscitation team.


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