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Divisional surgery team recognised for dedication and determination

UHNM’s divisional surgery team have been recognised for their dedication and determination. Staff volunteered to work weekends and evenings, coming together to support each other and colleagues in other divisions both professionally and personally.

The team has recently been presented with the Chief Executive’s Award in recognition of their outstanding work.

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive said: “I am really pleased to give this award to the team, who have worked so hard to enhance the way they work. They have really gone above and beyond in terms of looking after and supporting each other’s wellbeing and that of their staff, which goes a long way in helping individuals and the health of the team as a whole. They have also worked hard to engage and support other divisions, which is incredible considering some of their very own significant challenges.’’

Paul Bytheway, Chief Operating Officer, said: “During such a changing time the whole team came together to provide support for colleagues and each other. Their working over the seven-day period showed they have a sense of being truly proud to care.”

Michelle Rhodes, Chief Nurse, said: “This team has shown real commitment to keeping colleagues and patients safe, they have all been outstanding.”

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