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Lynn Dudley

Lynn Dudley

Quality and Risk Manager Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Why did you choose the career you have?

I started nurse training in 1983 – always wanted to go into nursing but was also passionate about my gymnastics. Eventually figured out that I needed to study to get into nursing; I had to work hard as academia didn’t come easy to me. However I did get the 5 O levels I needed back then (just) and have not looked back since.

After several years in Orthopaedic Trauma I commenced my midwifery training. I loved my role in clinical midwifery 1990-2014. I took my only year out of UHNM 2002-2003 (my gap year in my late thirties) to check out Midwifery in Australia by myself - not even the fabulous beaches in Manly could keep me there. I missed my UHNM family.


  • What challenges have you faced getting to where you are now?

My main challenges have been with balancing my love and passion for clinical midwifery with academia. Having been fortunate enough to complete my PhD with Staffordshire and UHNM in 2015 I then had the dilemma of what I did next. At that time I just didn’t want to let go of midwifery so I entered the world of Quality and Risk Management in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and have no regrets. This allowed me to influence the provision of safe services for our women whilst continuing with my enthusiasm for evidenced based care.


  • How does what you do make a difference to other people?

Being with a woman and her partner at one of the most precious times of their lives has been such a privilege and rewarding experience that fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride for the profession. Helping them to achieve the best possible birth experience that they will talk about in years to come is an absolute honour.

Equally being able to support an incredible team of midwives, doctors, nurses and students to provide the safest care possible to our mothers and babies but also look after each other has been a huge part of my career.


  • What would you say to other women aspiring to be in a similar field of healthcare and who may have doubts about their ability to achieve their goals?

Believe in yourself and your abilities; determination and the desire to succeed will overcome any self- doubt. Never be afraid to ask for help, we all need it at whatever level we are at, remember together we are better.


I left school with 5 O levels – couldn’t quite manage my maths!! but went on to complete a multi-centre research study in England and in 2019 received the Silver Award from the Chief Midwifery Officer for England for my services to midwifery; thank you to my Head of Midwifery, Sharon Wallis for the nomination and the incredible and inspirational team of healthcare professionals at UHNM for supporting me on my journey.


On International Women’s Day - thank you to all the women whom we are providing care to, it is an absolute privilege to support you on your journey.