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Katie Shaw

Katie Shaw

Matron, Trauma, Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery

I am very fortunate to have had a very happy childhood, full of much nurture and love. We had many family traditions, so life has always been full of fun. Sport was my passion as a teenager, I was a successful athlete, and it gave me a sense of purpose. I was studying my A levels when my Grandmother was taken ill, family was/is everything and so I took 12 months out of study to look after her. It was then I realised that I loved to care for others, there was no better reward. So in 1998 I started my nurse training and I have never looked back. As a student nurse I would watch my mentors in awe, aspiring to be just like them.

 Being a qualified nurse for the last 20 years has meant dealing with life, death and everything in between. With this in mind I consider the job to be one of the most satisfying, in-demand, and overall the Best job. Being a nurse at any level is extremely demanding, requiring a good deal of dedication and attention to work functionally.

There is no greater source of inspiration and motivation than to walk into work every morning to be greeted by smiles of friendly and supportive team members. I never want anyone to feel underappreciated and them not realising the impact their work has on other people.

 Being a nurse and deciding if it’s the right career for you, it is much more than a qualification. For sure it is a daily test of your character, patience and resilience. It regularly throws up challenges you may not have prepared for and it is very demanding on an emotional level. But of course, that’s also why it can be such a unique, rewarding career for the right person. I have gone from being a Junior nurse on a ward, to a ward manager and today a Matron.

 Being a leader I have endeavoured to create strong relationships, build trust, clarify purpose and define a common vision. I see myself as a positive leader to empower people to accomplish their goals, I want to be the best leader to inspire others to follow a certain path in life, to create an inspiring vision of the future, to motivate and inspire people to engage in that vision and manage the delivery of it.

 I was 31 when I had my beautiful twin girls. Life certainly became more complicated. There was suddenly 2 little people who demanded all my attention and time and there was even more mess and washing!! I am so privileged and blessed to be a mum of twins, its been “No walk in the park,” I may add.

 The same year I had my Daughters was the year I lost my Dad. It was surreal. It happens to someone else doesn’t it? My Dad can’t just leave me…. Or did he? Adrift…..a little lost. It was so painful to lose someone who loves you unconditionally and “gets you.” Everything for a long time was an effort without my Dad. My whole world was shattered. It now comes and goes like waves, the longer time goes on, I learn to cope and move forward with the grief. Eventually it becomes almost acceptable to smile, to laugh and to enjoy life again.

 With my career path and life pressures brings me where I am today. With all the above in mind I truly believe have allowed me to develop personally and professionally, developing life skills. I am fortunate that I have worked with incredible teams, ones I have helped to develop and achieve great things. There is no “I” in team work, these achievements were gained through working and celebrating “together.” Being here, where I am today in my career, in life, I feel I have made the most of my life and for me it is very important to celebrate my success and achievements, for these reasons I am very proud. I strongly believe that whatever life may throw at us, it allows us to grow and develop as individuals and professionals.

 We should take the rough with the smooth and embrace whatever challenges come our way.

Where you come form in life is not what defines you, it is what you achieve.