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Staff testimonials


We enjoy working in Imaging as no two days are the same. There is a lot of variation that comes with the wide range of imaging modalities on offer on site.  The range of staffing is varied, covering many levels and all with their own importance, from ground floor staff to management and the Radiologist team.  It certainly offers an abundance of knowledge and skill mix, excellent for teaching, learning and offering new process and solutions to enhance the operational running of the department.  As Research Radiographers we see the scope and depth of practice, clinical and non-clinical, that has the potential for many projects.

What is a typical day like for a research radiographer?

A typical day as a Research Radiographer involves feasibility assessment and co-ordination of research trials requiring Imaging. This involves involvement from a multi-disciplinary team including Modality Superintendents, Medical Physics Experts, Radiologists and the PACS team. The most important factor when setting up trials is patient safety. Once trials are active to recruitment it is crucial to ensure correct trial scan protocols are adhered to, that imaging is appointed within the timescale as dictated by the protocol, that reporting is facilitated by a dedicated Radiologist for each trial in an effort to maintain continuity of care and also that the data transfer of images occurs by the correct method.  It is also important to ensure that activity is funded and that revenue is received back in to the Imaging Dept; research not only establishes best practice for patients it can also raise much needed revenue which can benefit the department.


We feel that UHNM is a family and that staff views are heard

As Radiographers it is fantastic to work in an Imaging department of a large teaching hospital which has so many opportunities to provide development due to the wide range of services offered and cutting edge equipment we are lucky to be able to use and offer to our patients.  This enables us to be able to support more complex trials requiring the most up to date scanner capability but also to grow our own research and establish best practice ourselves as a Radiology Department.

We feel that UHNM is a family and that staff views are heard.  The Trust uses surveys to ensure that all staff have a voice to enable them to highlight any improvements and make change.  The annual  A Night Full of Stars initiative recognises the outstanding contribution of teams which helps to raise their profile within the Trust which in turn raises staff morale.  There is regular communication from the executive team so you always feel informed of Trust wide as well as national issues that may affect UHNM.  They even do a weekly Facebook live session where you can ask any questions you may have!

As a large University Teaching Hospital UHNM has fantastic links with our local Universities (Keele and Staffordshire) and this in itself brings opportunities for teaching and collaboration for research.