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Retained estate and Sodexo portering teams (both sites)

Retained estate and Sodexo portering teams (both sites)

Retained estate and Sodexo portering teams (Royal Stoke and County Hospitals)

This nomination is for the Portering team, inclusive of waste operatives and the put-away teams based across both the County and Royal Stoke Hospitals and working for both the Trust and our partners at Sodexo.

The portering team have played a pivotal role over the last 12 months in keeping the site moving, they have been there to provide the simple things such as enough PPE, where is needed and when you need it, to the bigger things including the major hemorrhage activation patients need to save there lives

The porters on site have adapted to the changes that C19 bought about quickly and efficiently, with no hesitation, despite feeling afraid. They continued to behave with compassion and sensitivity as the number of cases and deaths rose above what anyone could have imagined, providing a diligent and respectful service for all patients.
They have supported each other, across the two sites during times of increased absence, transferring postal loads from each site to ensure letter were distributed quickly and even supporting each other with waste disposal and management when required.

Lastly, they’ve been amazing at keeping the smile on our customers faces, be that staff or patients, when a porter is around, there is rarely a frown.

These are just a few examples of what can only be described as inspirational, going above and beyond and doing that extra mile when it is needed the most. In short this team needs to be recognized for their continued contributions and to be nominated in this category and hopefully become winners, as it is truly deserved.

Nominated by:
Michael Brown, Head of Soft Facilities Management