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Critical Care "Long Covid" Follow up Clinic team

Critical Care "Long Covid" Follow up Clinic team

Critical Care "Long Covid" Follow up Clinic team

Critical Care Rehabilitation Team at UHNM launched a comprehensive and innovative virtual multidisciplinary clinic for recovering Covid-19 patients. The pilot clinic acted as a one-stop clinic for such patients and involved rehabilitation coordinators, specialised therapists and consultants. Patients admitted to Critical Care with Covid-19 are severely ill and experience severe multi-organ system failure. 

This pilot clinic identified long-term physical, mental and cognitive impact of the Covid-19 disease and offered appropriate therapy and referrals as required. The evaluation from “Long COVID Clinic” was shared with GPs and the community therapy team to ensure a cohesive approach.

The Critical Care Long Covid Follow-up Team had the virtues that embraced the right attitude, perseverance, and hard work that would help the trust to move towards Vision 2025. To our knowledge, UHNM is one of the first trusts in the northern area to offer such a comprehensive service. Therefore I strongly support the team for Improving Together team of the year.

Nominated by:
Dr Ramprasad Matsa, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine