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Coleen Hurst

Coleen Hurst

Coleen Hurst

Coleen helped me in a way she will never truly realise. She listened to my worries and showed empathy towards me.  Coleen treated me with respect; understanding how I was feeling, acknowledging I wanted to get back to work. She  gave me exercises to do to improve my mental wellbeing, something I had never suffered with before not being heard about observing Covid safety in the workplace at the heart of the pandemic.

The support once I returned to work was nothing short of amazing, she made sure I had regular follow ups with her and made sure I was open and honest in how I was feeling and all safety measures in work were being adhered to.

I wish all Managers could learn from her and help their teams stay in the job they love, others as I have experienced unfortunately would leave you to struggle and not take 10 minutes out of their day like Coleen did to help save someone in their job and as harsh as it sounds, their life.

I am forever grateful to Coleen Hurst.

Nominated by:
Laura Pearce