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Barry Deacon

Nomination: Barry Deacon

Barry was the Deputy Director of Estates, Facilities and PFI Division before retiring in September following 30 years service in the NHS at UHNM. He was in this role for the last four years having working his way up through the EFP Division from Estates Operations as a Maintenance Electrician many years ago. In that time Barry has been an inspirational and compassionate leader to all of the Divisional Board members, front line and shop floor staff across both sites both within the Division and wider Trust. His calm and patient manner and thoughtful and considerate approach to problems and challenges ensures that staff and managers feel valued and supported when facing complex challenges. Barry has seen the Division improve during his time as Deputy in a number of areas of performance and this is through his tenacity, gentle but firm encouragement to achieve excellent results whether its financial, HR, through KPIs or through innovation and operational developments. Barry lets managers grow in their roles but is always there in the background to guide and encourage when difficult issues or decisions arise.

Barry has a wide remit of responsibility spanning Estates, Facilities, Clinical Technology, PFI, Governance, Compliance, Transformation, Sustainability and always makes time for every directorate and manager who may need his support and never forgets his roots. His rapport with front line and shop floor staff is fantastic to see as he always took the time to visit staff areas, understand their challenges and make them feel extremely valued and integral cogs in our busy wheel within EFP.

Barry wholeheartedly demonstrates all of the Trust Values in everything that he has done and achieved at UHNM and is an inspirational leader at UHNM that will be a huge loss for the whole Trust. His team knew that he was always there for them and he will help them come to the right decision through his considered approach, wise and experienced knowledge and inspirational leadership style. He also lets people learn by mistakes and never makes people feel blamed or unsupported. It is a real skill to be able to balance these skills as a leader. Barry will be enormously missed by everyone within EFP Division and the wider Trust - Barry has gained the respect of many other Trust colleagues outside of EFP over the years and is an incredibly well respected senior manager and inspirational leader at UHNM. It would be a fantastic legacy if Barry could achieve this "Leader of the Year" award as his legacy.


Nan Sharp - nomination is on behalf of all of EFP Division