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Will, Consultant paediatrician

Will Carroll, Consultant paediatrician

Nomination: Will, Consultant paediatrician

Will has led the redeployment of doctors in training across UHNM as part of the pandemic response. Will arranged a weekly meeting with trainees to discuss options and look at the best response. At each stage he ensured trainees felt engaged and valued and liaised closely with clinical colleagues looking at their needs and planning this response.

Following redeployment Will has continued to meet with trainees regularly and attends meetings linked to Trust pressures to ensure the response is appropriate. He has worked well beyond his hours to support trainees and address any concerns and has been vocal in supporting trainees and ensuring they are disrupted as little as possible. Working closely with the Postgraduate Dean and Health Education England he has ensured  their agreement before any moves occurred.  Will has exemplified the trust values at all times - compassionate, safe and working together. His innovative work around redeployment has ben recognised regionally and nationally.