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Spiritual, Pastoral and Religious Care

Spiritual, Pastoral and Religious Care

Nomination: Spiritual, Pastoral and Religious Care

I am nominating the Chaplaincy Team for the outstanding way in which they have risen to the challenges of the past months. Through stringent health and safety screening to determine which areas different chaplains could safely enter, the team worked as one to make sure patient and staff support was readily available for all. Those who were mask fit-tested were able to be with Covid19 patients, particularly in Critical Care, showing great compassion and care in severe circumstances for patients and their families as well as staff.

In a tough year the team has continued to lead funerals, memorial services for colleagues and assisted in the memorial gardens at both sites. As an administration assistant, I have seen my colleagues called repeatedly to EOL patients, many with Covid-19, donning and doffing appropriate PPE many times each day, and despite the challenges, being ready to go out again and again to support others, and all this on a 24/7 basis as well as coping with many and varied personal stresses too. As a team we have supported each other and many staff with daily prayer if needed and plenty of tea and cake. I began working with this team one month before lockdown last year and can sincerely say it has been a privilege to work with them through one of the toughest times most people have ever seen. 

Nominated by:
Glynis Cooper