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Sarah Tinsley

Sarah Tinsley

Sarah Tinsley

Sarah works tirelessly to make elective admissions process run smoothly by completing and prepping inpatient drug charts. Sarah scopes the patients expected procedure and stay along with their medication requirements. She contacts the relevant patients to discuss and prescribe their current medications and discusses the possible changes with the appropriate teams. Sarah also highlights the areas to complete by the doctors when the patient attends the ward and makes sure vital results are recorded to support efficient prescribing.

I  have been blown away with how humble Sarah is about the work she does. She makes a huge difference to our patients coming in for their procedures improving their experience and medication safety. This process also takes pressure from the ward prescribers and allows nurses to give medication in a timely manner.

Family members have benefited from this process personally with their complex medication requirements- which is always a huge worry for me when coming into hospital.

Nominated by:

Jade Topping, Business Change Support Manager