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Pharmacy Critical Care support team

Pharmacy Critical Care support team

Pharmacy Critical Care support team

The pharmacy response in providing support for critical care in waves 1 and 2 of Covid-19 required pharmacy teams to adapt and work flexibly to provide critical medicines and clinical support to all critical care areas caring for Covid-19 patients against challenges of medicines shortages and the need for additional critical care trained staff.

Clinical pharmacists based in non-critical care areas underwent additional training to be able to provide a full clinical service to critical care including working with partners in GP practice to redeploy pharmacists with critical care training. The whole clinical team adapted rotas, working hours and areas of working to prioritise support to critical care delivering a full seven day clinical service to all critical care PODS, optimising medicines and advising medical staff on safe prescribing. They demonstrated compassion for colleagues who were emotionally overwhelmed some days and worked together to ensure that colleagues and patients had the best care.

Patient safety was prioritised with clinical staff having continuous access to the right medicines and the right guidance for prescribing and administration of the preparation available. The critical care consultants paid tribute to the Pharmacy procurement and critical care pharmacy team noting that despite the very challenging national supply chain issues with medicines they never noticed it at the front line with patient care and safety always maintained.

Nominated by:
Fiona Bevan, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Clinical Services