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Kay Longley and ED CT team

Kay Longley and ED CT team

Kay Longley and ED CT team

Kay Longley and her team deliver phenomenal turnaround of an ever increasing demand for CT in the Emergency Department. They have limited resource and have had limited investment in line with the exponential rise in requests. As part of ED scrutiny there was challenge about turnaround of request to report and Kay Jones and then her successor Kay Longley addressed potential issues and identified that a large part of the problem was getting patients to CT from ED with competition for limited portering resource. This resulted in the division appointing a dedicated CT porter which led to proven and almost immediate improvement.

Continued improvement has been made to data provided from the department as the ask to do better has previous been based on inaccurate data and is demoralising and counter productive. Their persistence is laudable and how they have engaged the whole team in owning their output is impressive. It has been a huge team effort with superintendents highlighting where delays are rightfully attributed and adjusting practice and flow to match demand where possible. Radiographers and porters have consistently delivered improvement in requests to image time and junior medical staff have dramatically improved vetting and protocolling time.

Their drive for improvement and suggestions as to how this may be addressed are now being developed within a limited resource envelope. If every team in the trust had this attention to detail and such ownership of data, ED performance would undoubtedly benefit. Team emergency CT embodied everything about “Improving Together” even before the wider programme was launched and they will go on to amazing things.

Nominated by:
Melissa Hubbard, Divisional Chair CWD