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Jason Dutton

Jason Dutton

Jason Dutton, Corporate Governance Department

Appointed as an apprentice in 2017, Jason has impressed the wider team in Corporate Services with his ability to pick things up so quickly, his attitude and his approach. He was successful in his application to become Corporate Governance Officer in 2018 and we were delighted to be able to offer him a substantive position within our Team. This was a new role and provided Jason with the ability to shape it and he has done just that. We genuinely could not function as a Department without him, he plays such a pivotal role in our small team. He is calm yet has a dry sense of humour which is appreciated, especially when times are tough! He is not afraid to ask questions or to challenge and he regularly brings new ideas to support our continuous improvement.

He is very highly thought of by all members of the Board and his peers within the Executive Suite. He has become to 'go-to' expert for many for all matters relating to Trust Policies, Internal Audit Recommendations, minutes, Committees of the Board, Declarations of Interest and much more.  Jason has made ongoing improvements to the systems and processes associated with a range of workstreams and was recently commended by the Audit Committee for achieving 100% returns for Declarations of Interest - an achievement which our auditors confirmed they had not seen elsewhere in the country. He is hard working, reliable and a real asset to the team. He is a team player, always available to support his colleagues when needed and provides governance advice on a regular basis. Whilst he would deny it, he shows genuine compassion for his colleagues and has shown concern for their wellbeing.

I am so proud of what Jason has achieved and how he has developed so successfully during his short time at UHNM - a true rising star!

Nominated by:
Nicola Hassall, Deputy Associate Director of Corporate Governance