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Janine Garside, assistant technical officer

Janine Garside, Assistant Technical Officer

Nomination: Janine Garside, assistant technical officer

Janine received an Employer of a Month award receiving a phone call from a very distressed lady who had been discharged the week before with a seven day blister pack and had now run out of her medicines. Neither she nor her carers were sure whether her GP or chemist were aware of the supply need as both were closed for the weekend.

Janine spent quite some time reassuring the patient, speaking to her carer and developing a solution. In the end the discharging ward reprinted the prescription, which Janine collected in person and a further seven day blister pack was dispensed. As the lady had no relatives and was housebound Janine offered to deliver the prescription herself, but transport was eventually arranged.

Janine spoke to the lady several times and showed real compassion and empathy putting the patient at the forefront of the situation. The reassurance she was able to give made a massive difference to a very distressed lady and Janine should be very proud.