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Janice Brady

Janice Brady

Nomination: Janice Brady

Janice is an inspirational leader. She cares for each individual team members and our well-being is always top priority in any decision she makes. Our department feel value, supported and respected by her. No matter how busy Janice is she always has an open door, an ear ready to listen and some wise words of advice when you need them. I know I will always have someone who is there for me whilst working as part of her team.

I always look forward to my PDR each year with Janice. She puts so much time and effort into ensuring we have some excellent goals for the year ahead, it’s clear to see how much thought as gone in to them. Also, you can tell how much preparation she has done because you come out feeling valued, appreciated and ready to give your all to the year ahead.

Thank you Janice for being a compassionate leader and for your on-going support we truly appreciate everything you do.

From Kay
I have always found that Janice manages her entire Team with compassion and kindness, she is always ready to listen and to provide solutions, she is the best manager I have ever worked with

From Lindsay
She makes time to listen, advices where needed and is extremely supportive. Her approachable attitude makes us all feel comfort talking to her about anything. She leads with compassion and constantly cares for everyone’s wellbeing.

From Hannah
Janice has always supported us in looking after our own wellbeing and during the Covid-19 pandemic this has never stopped. Janice has ensured the whole team have been safe and has taken the time to listen to each individual if there has been any areas of concern. I have always felt that Janice has been a compassionate leader, her approachable manner is second to none.

From Sharon
Janice leads with compassion and empathy and this as never been more in evidence than during the pandemic. Janice has supported the team and enabled staff to work from home with minimum disruption to the work flow . Her understanding approach to the teams anxieties is exceptional relaying concerns and solving issues, ks tremendously health and wellbeing has been balanced alongside good working practices . She is always available for a friendly chat and advice ,this promotes a happy work environment and a happy team.

From Debbie
Janice is the most approachable, supportive and caring manager I have had the pleasure to work for. Her constant positivity and encouragement to help you blossom shines through, even when you do get a gentle nudge when things are not quite right.

Nominated by:
Data Quality and Clinical Coding managers