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Dr. Diane Barker

Jan Summerfield and Team

Jan Summerfield and Team

I nominate Jan and her team in recognition of her outstanding compassionate support towards my nursing team during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was a Matron in Specialised Division during the first 18 months of the pandemic. The landscape of nursing changed dramatically at the onset and my team had to adapt their nursing practice very quickly and many experienced upsetting experiences and were struggling to come to terms with the situations they were required to deal with. My team were distressed and traumatised and losing the joy in their nursing care.

It was during this time that my team and I came to really appreciate the commitment and understanding that Jan and her team demonstrated. We received an immediate response to access psychological support by means of attending support sessions to help weather the storm they were experiencing. I saw immediate positive benefits and outcomes. My team gained tremendous strength from the sessions which gave them resilience and improved their outlook so much that they were able to remain at work and carry on with a healthy mind and spirit. 

In essence Jan and her team are the embodiment of the Trust Values and consummate professionals who go above and beyond to help all staff we can never thank them enough for this care and support and how very grateful we are to have this service and thus the reason for the nomination of this most dedicated team .

Nominated by:
Karen Griffiths, Professional Nurse Advocate