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GI Advanced practice radiographers (GI APR)

GI Advanced practice radiographers (GI APR)

GI Advanced practice radiographers (GI APR)

The UHNM GI Advanced Practice Radiographers Team (APR) provides the benchmark for high-quality Advanced Practice GI Radiology services nationally.

They perform 2800 CT Colonography (CTC) scans/year across the Royal Stoke and County sites. Their scope of practice, policies and processes have been published in the Society of Radiographers “Best Practice Standards for CTC”, following contributions by the team to the guideline development, and launch as part of a national education and engagement roadshow funded by PHE.

The APR Team have developed many radiographer-led services including ultrasound-guided ascites drain insertion, providing a safe, effective, and accessible service for patients, many of whom are suffering from liver disease or cancer, making the best use of workforce resource. This service development here at UHNM was acknowledged by NHS England as a great example of AHP’s supporting people to live well with and beyond cancer.

The team received positive feedback from patients locally, departments whose radiographers we have trained regionally and national steering educational and accreditation groups, demonstrating compassion and dedication, striving for excellence, value for money, and fulfilling UHNM Trust values.

Nominated by:
Biju Thomas, Consultant Radiologist