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ED housekeeping at Royal Stoke and County Hospital

Nomination: Emergency Department Housekeeping 

The housekeepers within the Emergency Department have been the backbone to keep everything going during the last 12 months when things have been very hard in the ED. One of the keys to the success, survival and improvements have been the dedicated team who do so much with little exposure.
The Royal Stoke department has seen big changes in the layout. The splitting of the resus room into two, the moving of the ambulatory department and splitting of it, the moving of the red ambulatory department and back again, the changing of the triage process and the assessment of patients on ambulances and more recently the upgrade of the resus rooms. In County, the changes have been similar and mind boggling.

All of these moves have required incredible planning and work by the clinical teams but their successful implementation has been down to the Housekeeper team. They have worked tirelessly to keep all the stock in the correct place, appropriate equipment moved and ensure that everything the clinical teams need to deliver care under high pressure is available. By working closely with the nursing and medical workforce they have also done all they can to improve the function of the department. This has included changing the storage facilities in red resus and working on the equipment in ambulatory.

On top of this they continue to perform other functions that are key for our patients and relatives in the department. They perform regular rounds with the essentials of life including tea, coffee and ginger nuts. This forms a key cornerstone of our comfort rounds. They can be relied on to support relatives who are present, ensuring they are continually hydrated and cared for. Often this has been for many hours whilst victims of trauma are under anaesthetic and being transferred to intensive care.

Together they are a tight knot group who are vital to the function of the department although they would never say this themselves and would be well deserving of this award.

Nominated by:

Dr Chris Pickering, Consultant