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Dr Neil Phillips

Dr Neil Phillips

Nomination: Dr Neil Phillips

Having worked at UHNM for the past 18 months, the consultants in haematology are some of the most dedicated and compassionate that I have ever worked with. Dr Phillips is a shining light, always having time for his patients and colleagues, always bringing a smile, and most importantly, always bringing chocolate for weekends on call! Neil is the epitome of someone who leads by example. He works tirelessly for his patients, and is more often than not at work until late, seeing patients, talking to relatives, pursuing expeditious investigations and assisting colleagues.

Although he is not in a formal leadership role (aside from being a consultant), he takes the lead for lymphoma and his opinions are highly regarded among the team during multidisciplinary discussions. He is also the lead for intrathecal chemotherapy in the department. His procedural skills are legendary and he always has time to teach.

In short, I have found it very difficult to describe just how amazing Neil is. He is a real asset to our team, to the trust and to the wider Staffordshire area. He works often under the radar but always to the highest possible standard. I cannot think of many people who I would rather have look after me or a relative. He is one of the finest people to learn from because of his positive attitude, friendly demeanour, dedication, clinical acumen and procedural skills. He would be an incredibly well deserving recipient of this award.

Nominated by: Richard Buka, ST6 Haematoloy Registrar