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Pharmacy Trials Team

UHNM Pharmacy Trials Team support the delivery of clinical trials involving medicines throughout the Trust. These studies come in many shapes and sizes. They can be

  • Hosted or locally Sponsored
  • Multicentre or Single Centre
  • Commercial or Non Commercial
  • Use drugs supplied by the Sponsor or hospital stock

Pharmacy responsibilities for the Trials fall into two key areas:

Medicine Related                                                           

  • Management of Clinical Trial Medicines
  • Dispensing as protocol
  • Maintenance of accurate documentation

Good Clinical Practice related

  • Standard Operating Procedures for activities
  • Staff Training
  • Audit and Inspection readiness

Over the last year the Pharmacy Trials Team have supported our patients who were recruited to trials pre Covid. This has included posting to patients where they could not attend hospital. We have also been involved in the running of the two main national platform trials Recovery and Remap CAP, Stop COVID19 and supporting vaccine roll out.