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Liberty Verueco

What do you do on a daily basis? 

"Research Practitioners work on a variety of studies and trials. We cover all areas of UHNM, working with a wide range of support services delivering  studies and trials including new medication, devices and observational studies.

We support the clinicians and patients to achieve the safe and efficient delivery of each study by adhering to GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and ethically approved protocols in accordance with legislation.

We are responsible for screening eligible participants, assist with the informed consent process and delivering research to include treatment / care, data collection, questionnaires. I have the privilege of seeing patients for many years as part of the study schedule."

Why do you enjoy your job?

"My job is very interesting and motivating because I get to see the impact of research and I feel great knowing we are making a difference to patients."

What’s it like to be a part of the research team at UHNM?

"I enjoy working within a large and diverse team. During the pandemic, we had to learn to work together as one team, often working in an unfamiliar areas during the height of Covid-19. We had to prioritise which studies we needed to support, meeting new people and adapt to new ways of working."

How important are clinical trials?

"Research answers questions that often help with the management of current diseases and conditions, it also improves the future of treatments and care for our patients."