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ACP research network

The role of ACPs is structured around four pillars:

  • Advanced level clinical and professional practice
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Research and development

CeNREE can support ACPs to pursue the research component of their role, which in turn can also support the remaining non-clinical pillars.

CeNREE provides the opportunity and support for ACPs to engage in research at four levels:

  1. Participation in/leading a journal club; become a peer reviewer, join a rapid evidence review team; participation in/lead policy development;
  2. Spoke to the R&I Research Delivery Team; host a pre-registration student (research-focused spoke);
  3. Apply to the National Institute for Health Research Associate PI Scheme;
  4. Lead your own research; apply for a Professional Doctorate or a PhD.

Please contact to enquire and apply for any of these opportunities.

CeNREE supports any ACP Research Network Group. CeNREE will offer support in the publicising and facilitation of these groups. If you would like to set up a linked ACP Research Group in your clinical area, please contact for support to do this.

CeNREE will hold a register of all ACP work-based projects. If a project is deemed appropriate for research, CeNREE will support the ACP to develop this. Support may involve creating a research team, methodological/research design support, mentoring, developing the research idea into a fellowship/grant application; writing a publication or abstract for presentation at conference.

Any questions?

Please contact for further information.