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There are many ways we will support you after your surgery and indeed, ways in which you can help yourself. They are all aimed at decreasing the likelihood of you getting complications after your surgery, as well as to help you regain your independence as soon as possible.

  • Bring your incentive spirometer into hospital with you. We would like you to re-start using it as soon as you wake up in recovery and continue to use it every 2 hours.
    • Be prepared that you might not achieve the same number value that you were managing before your surgery!
  • The nursing staff will help you to sit out of bed the day after your surgery, unless there is a medical reason not to do so.
  • You will also be reviewed by a physiotherapist the day after your surgery. As part of this assessment they will:
    • Review your use of the incentive spirometer
    • Ensure you have appropriate strengthening exercises to complete in the bed and chair
    • Help you to sit out of bed (if not already completed with the nursing staff)
    • Potentially go for a walk, if medically safe to do so
  • The physiotherapists will review you daily and gradually increase the distances you are walking.
  • You will be encourage to take part in getting washed and dressed every day, until you can do this independently.
  • You will be encouraged to walk to the bathroom as soon as you are capable.
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