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Nursing Assistant awarded Employee of the Month


A Nursing Assistant from University Hospitals of North Midlands has been recognised for his care and compassion after stepping in to help a patient who was struggling to stand.

Ben Harry has been awarded the Trust’s Employee of the Month award after he approached a patient during his lunch break to see if they were ok just as the patient fainted.

Ben said: “I was walking along and noticed the patient was unsteady on their feet and needed some help. When I reached the patient, they fainted so I reassured them and made them comfortable.”

Ben helped the patient and found a wheelchair to take the patient back to the ward where he informed a member of staff who was caring for the patient.

He added: “I am really happy to be awarded Employee of the Month. It is really great to be recognised for helping a patient in need. Thank you so much.”

The nomination came from Tom Sherratt, Urology Surgical Care Practitioner, who said: “I nominated Ben for Employee of the Month as I believe he showed great care and compassion towards the patient in question and helped to reassure them during a stressful time in hospital. Congratulations to Ben who thoroughly deserves this award.”

Helen Ashley, Deputy Chief Executive, said: “I am delighted to present the Employee of the Month award to Ben in recognition for his care and compassion. Ben ensured the patient received the urgent care they needed, well done!”