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UHNM Discharge Facilitators thanked for supporting transport booking portal


Two discharge facilitators from University Hospitals of North Midlands have been thanked by ERS Medical for supporting their online transport booking portal.

The portal allows transport to be booked online for patients who are ready to go home which would usually be booked over the phone. The online system gives details of the allocated vehicle for the patient, an estimated time of arrival and it provides real-time updates, which has made discharging patients quicker and more efficient.

Yasmin Akhtar and Julie Owers have both completed a significant amount of bookings through the portal and have also encouraged their colleagues to use it too.

Nigel Briggs, ERS Medical’s Head of Operations for the South, said: “All hospitals within the region have a responsive discharge process for the best patient experience. The portal is an additional way to book transport instead of only using the transport booking line, which can get busy during peak hours. The portal eliminates any potential call waiting times and additionally, the discharge team can book transport at their desk in a matter of minutes. Once transport is booked for the patient, the portal also shows regular updates of the booking and vehicle while on route.

“We wanted to thank Yasmin and Julie for being portal user champions and encouraging others to use it too. They have booked a number of transport journeys, which makes a massive difference to us and the patients.”

Simon Laidler, Senior Operations Manager from ERS Medical presented Yasmin and Julie with chocolates and flowers in recognition of their support for the portal.

Yasmin Akhtar, Discharge Facilitator at UHNM said: “The online booking system is not only more time efficient to book transport online but the fact you can track your booking and received an estimated time of arrival is great.

“This has been essential in getting transport delays escalated a lot quicker and has ensured discharges have gone ahead on the same day whereas before patients were not leaving hospital until the next day.”  

Julie Owers, Discharge Facilitator at UHNM said: “Using the online system has made it a lot quicker and I feel it is easier to book the transport. I have saved time by using the online booking system and I find by printing the booking sheet it helps to check what I have booked. If there are any issues with the transport when the ERS Medical arrive on the ward the staff have the information at hand to see what the booking entails.

“I feel that it makes my job a lot easier booking online and it is more effective.”