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Staff excel in care for Haemodialysis patients

Staff in UHNM’s haemodialysis units went “above and beyond” to ensure that patients remained safe recently. The water plant at County Hospital stopped working over the Easter Bank Holiday, causing disruption to normal care. However, the team sprang into action by cancelling annual leave, working different shift patterns and adapting quickly to a highly stressful situation.

A patient wrote to express her appreciation for the team, even popping in to County with tea and scones as a thank you for their hard work.

Ann-Marie Riley, chief nurse, said: “The team remained calm and professional, sacrificing much needed time and relaxation with their families to make sure patients still received the best care possible during this event. It’s encouraging to see how closely our staff work together as a team and that, in times of crisis, they pull together for the good of our patients.”

The team have been given the Chief Executive’s Award in recognition of their dedication.