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UHNM consultant wins the British Orthodontic Society research poster prize

A Consultant from University Hospitals of North Midlands has been awarded first prize by the British Orthodontic Society for a research presentation.

Jinesh Shah, Consultant Orthodontist, won the prestigious Poster Prize at the British Orthodontic Conference for a multi-centre study looking at the long treatment waiting list for braces.

Patients for the study were recruited from three UK hospital orthodontic departments and compared an early teenage group and a late teenage group, looking at the changes in their jaw development when they started their treatment.

The findings from the study showed that all patients achieved similar clinical and psychological outcomes irrespective of whether they started their twin block treatment at the age when they were referred or 18 months later. The study provides reassurance to clinicians and parents that the patients would not be disadvantaged by starting this treatment later than anticipated due to the unexpected increased time before patients are able to start their treatment using this technique.

The Poster Prize is judged on methodology, originality, statistical methods and clear aims and outcomes. The category proved to be competitive but the study stood out from the rest of the entries.

Jinesh, who has worked on the study for the last four years, said: “I am very honoured to receive this prestigious research award from the British Orthodontic Society, on behalf of the extraordinary research team who worked tirelessly to carry out this research study.

“Winning an award is a great achievement but to be awarded by your professional society is a special moment. This is a great accolade for our departmental team, specialised surgery directorate, and for our trust to be recognised at a big national event. This will be an inspiration for everyone to get involved in doing high-quality research to enhance patient care.”


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