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UHNM Biomedical Scientist awarded Employee of the Month

A Biomedical Scientist from University Hospitals of North Midlands has been recognised for improving the use of blood and enhancing communication within departments leading to a reduction in the amount of blood products wasted.

Steven Titley was awarded the UHNM Employee of the Month award for going beyond his role and offering teaching sessions with senior anaesthetic registrar doctors about the use of blood products and processes within UHNM. The teaching has led to an improved understanding and use of blood products.

Arriving for work before his usual hours, Steven provides a one hour teaching session and was able to discuss all issues regarding supply and management of blood products at a high clinical level.

Ro Vaughan, UHNM Chief People Officer, said: “Congratulations to Steven on being awarded employee of the month. It is amazing to hear the fantastic work he has accomplished and what he continues to do for his department. I am delighted to present him with his award today.”

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