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Transport team thanked for essential service

UHNM’s transport team have been thanked for going above and beyond to keep the Trust running during the pandemic. The team deliver everything from medication, samples, belongings, letters, supplies and notes to both Royal Stoke and County Hospital. During the pandemic their duties changed and they were called on to collect PPE from all over the country.

Staff have been given the Team of the Month award in recognition of their work.

Denise Gilbert, Transport Supervisor, said: “Transport is a little known about department in the hospital and sometimes undervalued in the respect of many people not knowing who we are.

“We also take occupational therapists to home visits so that they can access the home, wait for them and bring them back to the hospital, again saving taxi costs. The team work very well together and all try and support themselves and their colleagues. It’s great to receive the award and to know that we are appreciated.”

The team were presented with their award by Helen Ashley, Director of Strategy and Transformation.

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