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Future-proofing emergency care for Covid-19

Sliding glass doors have been installed in each bay in Resus to help protect patients and staff from Covid

New measures to future-proof the emergency department against Covid-19 have been introduced at Royal Stoke University Hospital. Sliding glass doors have been fitted in each isolation bay in the resus area, creating a secure environment and providing a more permanent solution to managing Covid within the department. The same measures were undertaken at County Hospital earlier this year.

During the first phase of the pandemic temporary emergency measures were put in place in the emergency department, with patients separated into high and low-risk potential cases and higher-risk patients cared for in isolation cubicles. ‘Red’ and ‘green’ areas were created to separate and isolate patients as necessary.

Dr Richard Hall, Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care

Dr Richard Hall, Clinical Director for Urgent and Emergency Care, said: “Covid-19 has changed the world of medicine and we have to adapt to that. Because we never know who is going to come through the doors, we have to make sure we have the maximum level of protection in place for patients and staff. The doors will help to keep patients safer during their most critical and vulnerable time, regardless of their known or unknown Covid status. They also give great visibility so we are still able to watch people carefully.

“Having these new measures will also help to improve patient flow within the department as we will not be limited to the use of colour-coded restricted areas for care.”

Measures have been taken in line with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s infection prevention and control advice for managing patients with Covid-19.

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