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Ward clerk shines with last act of kindness for dying patient

Gillian Lockett, Ward Clerk, has been given the Employee of the Month award

A ward clerk who bought a dying patient one last treat has been thanked for her outstanding care and compassion. Gillian Lockett used her own money to buy an orange ice lolly for a patient who was undergoing palliative care on ward 122 at Royal Stoke University Hospital. The gentleman passed away later the same day, with Gill’s act of kindness helping to fulfill one of his final wishes.

Nicki Morgan, lead clinical nurse specialist for the palliative care team, said: “Myself and a colleague visited this gentleman on the ward. He was deteriorating rapidly and had a dry mouth. Some ice cream had been ordered for him, but he had been unable to tolerate it, so he made a request for an orange ice lolly instead. We tried to arrange this for him, but unfortunately it wasn't possible to get one through the usual processes.

“Gill immediately offered to buy a lolly for the patient from the shop in the main atrium and she paid for this herself. The gentleman thoroughly enjoyed the lolly and managed to finish it all with great gusto. Everyone on the palliative care team was greatly impressed by Gill's care and compassion.

“The whole team on the ward are always very helpful, but this just felt particularly caring and compassionate and made a real difference to this gentleman’s last hours of life. We felt really touched by it.”

Nicki Morgan, clinical nurse specialist, presented Gillian with the award 

Gillian has been given the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her kindness and dedication.

Gillian said: “I would have done this for anyone, in any situation. I am really shocked to get the award, but I appreciate it, it’s so lovely to be recognised.”

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