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New mother thanks nurse for support

Staff nurse Sue Owen

A new mother has thanked staff nurse Sue Owen for her support. Charlotte Ratcliffe was struggling to breastfeed after she and baby were admitted to ward 216 at Royal Stoke earlier this year. Sue supported Charlotte physically and mentally, even buying a new outfit for baby to go home in.

Charlotte said: “Sue found me in tears breaking my heart and I admitted I was struggling to breastfeed. She said to me: "You're not doing it anymore" and took away the breast pump. She was so kind and helpful, I've never felt relief like it.

“Sue was the only one who made me accept that it was ok to formula feed and allowed me to stop breastfeeding, which in turn helped my mental health massively. We had also run out of clothes for my baby so she went and got us a Batman outfit for my son to go home in. She was amazing. She even said she would help me break the news that we had stopped breastfeeding to my partner. She was so supportive and because of her, I felt so much happier.”

Charlotte has given Sue the UHNM Hero award in recognition of her exemplary care.

Sue was presented with her UHNM Hero award by Lisa Thomson, Director of Communications

Sue: “I remember Charlotte. She was very worried, but it’s great to know that I was able to make a difference to her and help her. You don’t think about it really, because you just do it all the time. It makes me feel really good.”

Lisa: “Sue is a special lady and it’s clear that she made a big difference to Charlotte. Patients remember experiences like this, they are stand-out moments for them. It’s good to know that we have people like Sue.”

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