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Clinical site manager thanked for raising morale

UHNM’s clinical site manager has been thanked for helping to raise team morale. Alison Vaughan’s role involves oversight and direction of patient-flow activities across the Trust – a key part of operations which is particularly significant during out-of-hours times and over weekends. Alison has worked flexibly and enthusiastically, covering shifts at short notice. She has also introduced a new respect philosophy which encourages colleagues to support and respect each other.

Beryl Woodall, deputy chief operating officer, said: “Alison has really made extra efforts to ensure staff feel supported. She has brought in additional communication measures such as shift debriefs and she even brings in cake. Alison’s work has really engendered a new spirit of collaboration and support within the team.

“The service has been managing a number of challenges recently such as rising urgent care levels of escalation and dealing with emergency department demand, reduced workforce due to Covid and the requirement to keep all wards and services safely staffed. Alison has acted as a senior role model and advocate for the team, leading by example in covering shifts and mentoring team members who have had their own challenges. She is a passionate practitioner and has worked clinical shifts on wards to help other divisional shortfalls. She is a kind, considerate and reflective practitioner who is passionate about patient care and exemplifies this both on and off shift.”

Alison has been given the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her work.

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