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Children’s doctor thanked for leading trainee doctor deployment

Dr Will Carroll, Consultant Paediatrician

Children’s doctor Will Carroll has been thanked for his dedication. Dr Carroll led redeployment of trainee doctors across the trust as part of the pandemic response, ensuring they were sent to the right place and that they felt supported. Processes he helped to set up have now been adopted nationally.

Dr Mark Poulson, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, said: “Will has worked so hard to make all of this work. He has involved trainees at every step of the way and this measured approach has helped them to feel a little more in control during a very challenging time.

“At each stage Will has ensured trainees felt engaged and valued. Following redeployment he has continued to meet with trainees regularly and attends meetings linked to trust pressures to ensure the response is appropriate. Will has worked well beyond his hours to support trainees and address any concerns and has been vocal in supporting them, ensuring they are disrupted as little as possible. He has worked many extra hours, liaising closely with clinical colleagues to plan responses and working closely with the Postgraduate Dean and Health Education England to ensure agreement before any moves occur.”

Dr Carroll has now been given the Employee of the Month award.

Dr Mark Poulson and Dr Will Carroll

Dr Carroll said: “The redeployment has been a huge undertaking and a massive team effort. So many people have given up their own time to help, putting in extra hours including giving up evenings. I was really surprised to get the award, but very grateful. However. being able to play an effective part in the redeployment programme and seeing it be a success is the best prize.”

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