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UHNM helps patients go digital

Kevin McGibbon, Arrhythmia Clinical Nurse Specialist at UHNM, using a health app which can help to check for atrial fibrillation

UHNM is helping hundreds of patients to go digital with their health. Medical teams at the trust are giving people with cardiovascular conditions such as AF (Atrial Fibrillation), Hypertension, Diabetes and more the chance to learn about a range of digital aids which can support their care. This innovative use of technology is helping people stay on top of their health even during the pandemic.

Kevin McGibbon, Arrhythmia Clinical Nurse Specialist, said: “This is about helping patients get access to existing, proven digital technology and is really important, especially due to the Covid crisis. There are lots of digital aids which can help patients and healthcare professionals to manage conditions with fewer face-to-face appointments, for example home blood pressure and pulse monitors and mini ECG machines.

“The digital healthcare market is expanding rapidly and for healthcare professionals it can be confusing as to what kit to get, whether or not it is reliable or approved, what to do with seemingly abnormal results and what is cost-effective. For example, a blood pressure machine can cost between around £10 or go up to £200.  Incorrect or inappropriate use of technology can cause abnormal results and anxiety so having the correct information is key.”

Organisations in primary and secondary care sectors are pooling resources to help provide access to the technology and training.

Staff at UHNM have been involved in organising webinars which help clinicians and patients to use the digital aids and hundreds of patients have so far benefitted from these sessions. Topics include learning how to download from trusted sources, how to undertake a video consultation and how social media channels might be relevant in learning more about a condition.

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