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CEO thanks IM&T lead for pandemic contribution

IM&T Deputy Director Heidi Poole has been given the Chief Executive’s Award in recognition of her outstanding dedication throughout the pandemic.  Heidi has worked tirelessly on the design of essential new systems for clinical teams and has even given up weekends to help with administration in Covid vaccination clinics.

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Heidi has been a source of support on a great number of projects, not all of which were related to her own role and portfolio. It is reassuring to know that when the chips are down, there are always people who will do everything they can to provide support and Heidi really deserves this recognition."

Heidi has been commended by staff across the trust for her work ethic.

Heidi said: “I really enjoy what we do in IM&T and the opportunities we are given to support the trust, it’s great to know that our work truly makes a difference. I feel honoured and very grateful to receive this award and this really means a lot to me.”


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