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Student therapy radiographers receiving practical and pastoral support

New student therapy radiographers are receiving practical and pastoral support, thanks to the dedication of two Senior Therapy Radiographers. Lily Aston and Ben Hubbard have made it their mission to actively support students during their induction, giving each person a welcome presentation and workbook designed to facilitate their integration into the department.

Through the induction process students are able to learn about the hospital and departmental structure, giving context to their position and a way forward in which they can gauge their own progress. This is followed up with supporting clinical information and pastoral support.

Carolyn O’Donovan, Radiotherapy Service Manager, said: “These new students are the future of our service and it’s incredibly important for us to be able to train and keep them as they bring enthusiasm and skill.

“Lily and Ben are helping to instil and nurture excellence in others and they well deserve to be recognised for this additional effort and investment that they are making on behalf of the future of our service.”

There are only 3,500 therapy radiographers in the UK. UHNM has previously been recognised as the best site to have a placement.

Lily and Ben, who both became fully qualified three years ago, have been given the Team of the Month award in recognition of their commitment.

Lily said: “It can be really scary starting somewhere new at any time, but especially during a pandemic. We are very proud of the students.  Although there are other clinical sites available for students to train at, I really like it at UHNM and actually travel quite a number of miles to get here each day. But for me, it’s worth it.”

Ben said: “It’s really important to look after new students. Although we can implement measures to help them, we do need their buy-in too and they have definitely given us this. It’s the right thing to do and ultimately we know our time and effort will be rewarded in the form of recruitment and retention.”  




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