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SIREN study team thanked by Chief Executive

The team behind the SIREN study at UHNM have been recognised by the hospital’s chief executive Tracy Bullock for their contribution during the pandemic . 250 staff signed up to take part in the study, which requires participants to present for fortnightly testing for Covid-19. The study was designed to understand whether prior infection with SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) protects against future infection with the same virus.

Initial reports from the national SIREN study say that antibodies from past COVID-19 infection provide 83% protection against reinfection for at least five months.  

The team at UHNM have been given the Chief Executive’s Awar in recognition of their achievements.

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive, said: “The team have worked really hard under great pressure and this is an amazing achievement. Thanks to their dedication and determination we are now gaining a better understanding of the inner workings of Covid and this will be of great value as we move forwards.”

Katrina Parkinson, Lead Researcher, said: “Everyone has worked really hard to make this the success it is. They have worked together as a team whilst overcoming the obstacles and challenges through perseverance and a positive attitude.”

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